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Italian Brand founded in Milan during the year 1910, whose symbol is currently represented by a red cross on a white field, and the Biscione, the serpent on blue field. In the last few years has decreased the manufacture of cars between 3% and 11% approximately. In 2008, Alfa Romeo introduced the compact hatchback Myth that it is the smallest model of the brand, currently the production is concentrated in the range: Mito, Giulietta and 4C as well as sporty two-seater. The model 156 figure as the tourism that the more victories in competition has been achieved over the history of the car.

In 2005, Alfa Romeo, which finished second in the World Championship of touring Cars, behind BMW and ahead of Chevrolet, Seat and Ford.

The production of vehicles started in the year 1910 with the model 24HP at the company Società Italiana Automobili Darracq. Undertaking as well with a trajectory of models with an excellent mechanical reliability and ease of driving, since its inception, with obvious inclination to the performance of cars for racing.

After the First World War, launches the model Torpedo 20/30 HP is 4.2 l and its derivative sports 20/30 IS that they are the first to appear with the name of Alfa-Romeo.

During the decade of 1930-1940 Alfa Romeo becomes a great company, bringing to their production engines of their own, powerful and reliable, which increased considerably its sales in the foreign. Famous for their material of manufacture the call Duralfa a league lightweight aluminum for propellers, pistons and other components. In 1939 the propellant more powerful of his time.

In the years 50's started a trend that would continue in the future: the joint work between the centres of interior designs and designers of the bodywork. Imposing the style of Alfa Romeo, along with the production cars were limited editions created by designers of first row. In the year 1987 Alfa Romeo joined the Fiat Group.