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Parts BMW


German Manufacturer whose headquarters is located in Munich. World leader of sales within the manufacturers of high range. The logo was created in the year 1917 and it symbolizes the flag of the Free State of Bavaria. In its beginnings, during the year 1913, he started his production with the manufacture of engines for aircraft, until 1923, which went on to manufacture motorcycles, and later automobiles.

BMW becomes the manufacturer of automobiles when you purchase the company VEB Automobilwek Eisenach in 1928, later on the 22nd of march 1929, he produced his first car in series. The model was called 3/15 OS and was manufactured under license from the british Austin Seven. In 1932, produces what is known as the first “genuine” BMW known as AM1, it was a car of greater size and with a technique more advanced than its predecessors. Includes valves controlled from the top, brakes on all four wheels and axle of the pendulum striker.

The first vehicle to be produced entirely by the own staff of BMW was the 303, released in the year 1933, with a 6-cylinder engine and 1.2 litre capacity. After two World Wars, after leaving the company BMW to the brink of bankruptcy, the project to develop was the creation of a model powerful for the middle class, in 1962, was presented the new BMW 1500 which was a great success with their versions, BMW 1800 and BMW 2000. The definitive recovery of BMW came in 1966 with the model BMW E114

Between the years 1970 and 1993, BMW increased its production, created new centers in Germany, Austria, south Africa and in the united States. BMW was introducing new models of design, focusing on the so-called Series 3, series 5 and Series 7. The sports model with body coupe and convertible, Z1, which has evolved to the models Z4 and Z8.

Have been developed off-road vehicles, the first of these developed in 1999 was the X5, and recently, BMW has launched a SAC (Sport Activity Coupe), called X6, with the height, tires, and other features of an suv but with the proportions and designs are the closest to a sporty. With its continuous development and improvements, BMW is one of the manufacturer pioneer in the application of further technological development and electronic for their cars.