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Brand of automobiles are based in the united States, belonging to the group General Motors. Founded November 3, 1911.

To increase participation in the global market Chevrolet has developed two major projects, the Gpix or Global Pix, the first vehicles presented as “global” models are Chevrolet Aveo, presented in the market of China, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Captiva, sold in Asia, Europe, Sudamércia and the united States. Another project generated by this new stream of design, is the so-called "Project Living" developed in the Mercosur, and which were conceived models Chevrolet Agile, Chevrolet Montana, and the new generation of the Chevrolet Cobalt.

The logo of Chevrolet is a drawing that shows a square on a parallelogram, forming a geometric figure. The first time that Chevrolet used its logo was in 1913.

The first model of the brand it was made during 1911, the Chevrolet Classic Six, a sedan that was presented as a novelty the implementation of a 6-cylinder engine in line.

The growth that was achieved the Chevrolet Motor Car, allowed the same jump within the market in such a way that retook control of the group General motors. The success in sales of the brand, would make Chevrolet the brand, more representative of the GM and would end up becoming, with the passage of time in the best-selling brand of the TWENTIETH Century.

Chevrolet has always remained as the flagship of the General Motors being the brand more profitable within the conglomerate managed by GM.It is currently aimed at the development of an electric vehicle, which received the name of Chevrolet Volt and was presented as the first car 100% electric in the world.