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american Manufacturer headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company was organized for the first time in 1925 under the name of Chrysler Corporation until 1998.

During the year 2009, Chrysler LLC announced their partnership with the industrial group Italian Fiat Group.

The first model launched by the corporation in 1925 was called the Maxwell (also known as B-70), was a luxury car which sold 32 000 units. In 1928 Chrysler introduced their new brand of cars of low-cost, Plymouth, but the most relevant thing in that year was made with the Dodge, founded in 1914 and which was at that time a company five times larger than Chrysler. The group was among the big three of the united States.

In the years 50, introduced several eye-catching models, colors, and of enormous size, with great technical advances for its time, electric windows, turntable, consisting, among others. This development was thwarted by the crisis of the 70's, when Chrysler launched the models Cordoba and LeBaron, smaller vehicles that had been done until then. However, and despite the crisis, Chrysler achieved two milestones that really matter, it Was the minivan, which swept the united States and Europe with the legendary Voyager, and the introduction, for the first time, from the airbag series.

In 1993, Chrysler launched the famous Dodge Viper, and in 1998 the ceo of Daimler-Benz AG and Robert Eaton (president of Chrysler) sealed their alliance merged under the name of DaimlerChrysler. The new group car remained as such until 2007.