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Manufacturer of cars, of French origin, and was founded during 1919 by André Citroën, their first models were the H, the 2CV, DS and CX. Part of the group PSA Peugeot-Citroën from 1974, the year that Peugeot purchased Citroen.

the brand logo consists of two gallons or chevrons inverted overlapping, and are based on an invention of André (its founder) referring to a gear with the teeth in V-shape, which were mounted on the models of high-performance Automobile.

The first european car manufactured in series, was precisely one of the models of the brand, the so-called type A. from 1924, Citroën introduced in Europe the first steel body for automobiles.

Manufacturer notoriously interested in advertising since its inception. André Citroën made several expeditions through the Sahara desert, Africa and Asia. These, used vehicles Citroën to demonstrate the robustness and strength of the brand. They were also sold miniatures of their cars to the children. And in the year 1925 he installed a proclamation shining in the Eiffel tower.

In 1955, comes to market a new model, the DS, which led him to settle a little more its position within the same. This car was equipped with a suspension system hydro-pneumatic, it had power steering, hydraulic brakes and a gearbox semi-automatic, all of this driven by the high-pressure pump of the car. This suspension is still used during the following 50 years with other models of the brand, SM, GS, CX, BX, XM, Xantia and C5. Starting in the 1970s, worsening the financial situation of Citroën, which leads to the purchase of the brand by Peugeot in 1975, forming the PSA Group (Peugeot - Citroën)

For some time Citroën hardly manages to defend its identity, marked by a lack of daring stylistic and technological. At the beginning of the 80s, these two brands should share as many parts for the manufacture of its cars, engines, platforms, among others. This has a negative influence on the designs and brand identity. Later, with the arrival of Jean-Martin Folz, throw the models C2, C3 And C4, which have a strong identity.