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south Korean Company founded on the 22nd of march, 1967 by Kim Woo that due to the policy and aid of the government is diversifying rapidly as a manufacturer of automobiles, boats and electronics. In his best time ranked as the second business in the automotive industry, after Hyundai.

In 1978, Daewoo are made with the automobile manufacturer Saehan Motor renamed as Daewoo Motor. To gain a foothold in the market, was signed in 1983 a joint venture with General Motors, and began making utilitarian low-cost inspired by other models, such as the Daewoo LeMans or the Daewoo Tico.

With the liberalization of the south Korean economy, Daewoo launched an international expansion of large dimensions, offering their manufacturing services with a low cost and cheap labor, especially in the manufacture of vessels to commercial ships and oil tankers. On the other hand, Daewoo Motor arrived in Australia and the united States and became the sixth car manufacturer in the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

After many long years of crisis during which it was dissolved, the business group was renamed in 2002 as GM Korea when General Motors took control of the company, in 2011 it disappeared officially going to be Daewoo Motors, GM Korea.