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japanese Manufacturer of automobiles. In 1907 was founded in Osaka factory of internal combustion engines Hatsudoki Seizo Co, the same he produced his first car in 1930 with a model of 3 wheels. In 1951 it changed the name to Daihatsu Motor Co., and since 1967 it is known that Toyota has a stake in the group, it was not until 1999 that Toyota turns to Daihatsu in its subsidiary. In this alliance, Volvo assembles cars in Colombia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Venezuela. He has presented prototypes HVS (hybrid vehicle sports) based on hybrid technology combining an electric motor with one of an internal combustion engine.

To the end of 2004, and during several subsequent years, Daihatsu was forced to withdraw from various points in the market for their few sales and little success in certain countries, such as Chile and Australia.

In the 2007 Daihatsu manufactured 856 200 vehicles, at 21.1% less than in 2006. That same year, Daihatsu returns to Chile from the hand of Toyota to market the models Terios Wild, Terios Advantage, Copen, Sirion and Cuore, however, only arrived in the south american country the Terios in its 2 variants, and the Copen that in less than a year of marketing was withdrawn from the market.