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Brand of american car founded in 1914, originally named Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company, Chrysler purchased the company's Dodge in 1928 which remains part of Chrysler Group LLC.

During the first year, the brothers Dodge manufactured the model “Old Betsy”, built to be reliable and long lasting. In this year they built a total of 249 new cars. Were also manufactured engines for trucks, initially for the use of the army of the united States, and at the end of the war so commercial.

The 31 of July of 1928, Dillon Read, who had bought the company for a value of $ 148 million, sold Dodge to the Company Chysler. From the 80's gained much importance thanks to the commercial strategies and mechanical changes which enhanced the quality and safety of the Dodge models, subsequently Chysler would adopt several of their models, such as the Voyager, Neon, among others.

Entered the european market in the late 60's, but in 1911 suffers a collapse and sold its assets to the fágricas Peugeot, where it quickly became the industry of vehicles Renault. It was not until 2000 that Dodge made a comeback in the european market with Dodge Neon SRT-4, Caliber, Dodge Nitro or Avenger.

Since 2011, Fiat takes control of Chysler Group LLC and the Dodge brand is leaving the european market, and some of their models go on to be marketed under the brand Fiat, as is the case of Fiat Freemont.