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Parts FIAT


it Is the largest group automotive of Italy, and is among the largest in Europe. Founded on 11 July 1899 in Turin, where he currently remains the central headquarters. Its main markets are Europe, Latin america and Asia, with large sales in Brazil and Italy. Under this brand are marketed only cars. Fiat Group Automobiles (Lancia, Abarth and Alfa Romeo) is located next to the Chrysler Group, Ferrari and Maserati are divisions automotive Fiat S. p. A.

Since 2007, is recognized as the manufacturer with less polluting emissions in Europe.

From the 80's models of Fiat have been located at the bottom in terms of reliability, according to statistical studies, this situation has been reversed in the latest models, thereby obtaining the most satisfactory results than the average of its competitors in each segment. Has obtained on 9 occasions, the award for the Car of the Year.

Fiat starts its business in 1900 when he inaugurated their first factory, they are produced thirty Fiat 3 ½ HP model, which still did not include the reverse. During the first 10 years of the TWENTIETH century Fiat is diversified in the field of commercial vehicles, trams, trucks and marine engines. The group began its activity in foreign countries and expands the number of workers. In 1908 was put into production the first car destined for the function of a taxi, the model Fiat 1 Fiacre, which were exported numerous specimens. With this vehicle mount, for the first time, the propellant in the form of “barca”, and the engine with change in the crankcase. During this period, Fiat recognizes that the only logical way of manufacture, is the production in series. Apply the new method and the first results were evident after the construction of the Lingotto. In 1928 introduced the use of aluminum in the new engines. In 1969, he presented the first car of the company with the engine and front-wheel drive, the Fiat 128, which won the award of car of the year.

After a period of production of cars with a good acceptance in the market, Fiat is back in the 2006 production of suvs and with the collaboration of Suzuki produces a new model Sedici. A year later, sold the 500, car utility, good design, and finished with a very acceptable price. In 2009, Fiat Group signed an agreement with the united States, which takes over the management, and the participation is expandable in the future of Chrysler Group LLC.