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Parts FORD


american Company founded June 16, 1903, with headquarters in Michigan. According to statistical data, in 2004 stood at third place as a manufacturer of automobiles, with more income, after Chrysler and Toyota. Ford Motor Company owns the brands Mercury and Lincoln. Currently has several assembly plants in different countries.

In 1908 they launched their first model, the model T Ford, which had a great demand, for which reason they had to move the production plant to a larger facility in Highland Park. This model had a large number of innovations, among them, the steering wheel is located to the left (variant that copied a large amount of manufacturers). All the engine and transmission were closed, the four cylinders were embedded in a solid block and the suspension worked by don springs semi-elliptic. It was a car very easy to drive, very cheap and easy to repair.

1913-Ford developed the technique based on the production line and mass production, which allowed to reduce the assembly time of the chassis from 12 hours and 30 minutes to only 100 minutes.

The first model designed and produced for Europe was the Ford Y8HP.