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a Company of Japanese origin, founded in 1946, which manufactures automobiles, engines for land vehicles, aquatic and aerial, motorcycles and various components for the automotive industry.

One of the most important factors that account for this business, is that since more than 30 years ago is used in the research and development of technologies that allow it to achieve the call sustainable mobility. Currently, the company is focused on driving hybrid vehicles, with this objective, launched in February 2009, the new Insight. This model represents the effort made By Honda to bring the hybrid technology to the public at large.

The Honda vehicles are those that generate less polluting emissions.

she Was appointed in 2007, for the fourth consecutive year, the Car Manufacturer More Green, and is one of the three companies in the automotive sector included in the Top 100 of most Sustainable Companies in the World in 2008.

Another of the lines of research is the development of a car powered by hydrogen, which would be the first and only zero emission vehicle, the Honda FCX Clarity. In 2007, Honda Automóviles España, S. To beat its historical record of sales, with your model's most iconic landmark, the Honda Civic, reached the 10 952 units sold, a record figure in the Spanish market.