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Set of companies and businesses in South Korea founded in 1947. It has several signatures, among which is the car brand Hyundai Motor Company is the fourth largest manufacturer of cars in the world (including in the statistics the numbers of Kia Motors, its subsidiary), as well as Hyundai Heavy Industries, manufacturer of vessels and machinery.

it is Currently the second biggest business in South Korea, after Samsung.

In its early days, the group covered various sectors of the economy such as infrastructure building, industrial development, and manufacture of housing. These investments reported to the company numerous contracts and benefits.

In 1967, Hyundai created the company Hyundai Motor Company exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles, in the beginning was dedicated to distribute Ford models in South Korea, but soon began to manufacture their own vehicles. In 1975 produced the model Hyundai Pony with the one that dominates a good portion of the Korean market and starts its expansion abroad.

After a series of many crises, both financial and political, the Hyundai group began to have many difficulties, a situation which had to divest several of its firms as the branch of the construction and the electronics.

Currently, the conglomerate has a lower weight than the one that had the previous years, however maintains a position of dominance within the business world of south korea. Keeps under your control, Hyundai Group, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group and the manufacturer of ships, Hyundai Heavy Industries, among other companies.