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a Company established in Japan in 1939, as early as the year 1948 was the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the country. At present it is one of the manufacturers of diesel engines largest in the world, being their engines are preferred by automobile manufacturers because of its performance and its low fuel consumption.

In the past few years the diesel engine has attracted the attention of a large group of drivers, primarily because the efficiency and durability of the same. During the last 66 years, Isuzu Motors Ltd has dedicated most of its activity to research and development of this type of engines. Today it is recognized as a pioneer in technological innovation.

Isuzu has a good reputation as a manufacturer of pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. In addition, it has a large market at international level with numerous sales in north America, China, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

she Has adopted as a priority the reduction of environmental pollution, focused their research to the development of diesel engines clean and provide a reduction in the levels of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. It is also focused to enhance the benefits of the diesel engines and the high performance, durability, and thermal efficiency.

Currently, in Spain, the model that is marketed is the Pick-Up Rodeo. Has a wide market in America, with several production lines in different countries.