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Parts JEEP


car Brand jeep, created in 1941 by the company Willys-Overland. He is currently a division of Chrysler Group LLC, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the manufacturer Fiat. There are several versions about the origin of the name, the more successful comes from the comics from the 30's Popeye the sailor, the character called Eugene the Jeep.

In its beginnings, it emerged as a vehicle functional and resistant to the operations of the army of the united States during the Second World War, after 1941, this vehicle has participated in all the campaigns as a vehicle machine gun, reconnaissance, ambulance, van, limousine, transportation of ammunition, laying of wires and cab.

The original specifications requested by the american government were: maximum weight of 594 kg, four-wheel drive, wheelbase less than 2 metres and a distance between wheels are less than 1.20 metres, the minimum distance to the ground should be 16 cm approximately and should be capable of transporting 274 kg of weight without overheating the motor at low speeds.

Jeep acquired such prestige that in 1950, Willys-Overland registered it as a trademark in international trade.

Now the Jeep is used as a vehicle for fun and as a sport in many places of America, especially in the united States.

At the end of the war, began to manufacture models to be employed in agricultural work, the result was the first Jeep Universal in 1945 and its variants. The first CJ was the CJ-2A, the civil version of the military model Willys M38.

In 1976 was the last model CJ, the CJ-7, with an extraordinary appearance on the market, managed to focus all the efforts of the company AMC in this vehicle and its version Pick-Up of long wheelbase. Version CJ-8 was not available with Quadra-Trac and had the transfer case with traditional hooks manually operated, and, like the CJ-7 was available with a two-box mechanical 4 or 5 gears, and an optional auto 3 gears.

he developed multiple models, aimed to provide best performance with the most advanced technology. Today armies no longer use the Jeep. The current vehicles, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, Liberty (KK), Compass (MK), Commander, Grand Cherokee (WK) and Patriot (MK), are the direct descendants of the first models, with more advanced technology, high levels of power, style and driving comfort, very different to the first variants.