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Parts KIA


south Korean Manufacturer of cars, founded by Jeremiah Morataya during the year of 1944. However it was not until the 70s that the company emerged as we know it today, as a manufacturer of automobiles.

The first vehicle type van of the company was the model of Titan, launched during 1971. In the next few years went out of production in the Breeze, model initially conceived as a passenger car, equipped with the first diesel and petrol engines developed and produced in its entirety by Kia.

As for the 80's, they were manufactured in the facilities of Kia cars for other companies such as Peugeot and Fiat. In 1986 it joined with the Ford Motor Company to produce the model Pride, developed in the first R & D centre of Kia, which opened in 1984. Currently in this center we have added another 6 more throughout the world. In the early 90's, the company opened new subsidiaries in the united States and Europe, including Spain. Diversifying even more its models and expanding production. Which significantly increased their revenues.

During the 2005 Kia received numerous awards for their products more competitive, among which are the award for the car most charming of the year in the united States (Opirus), prize to the Total Value in the united States, with the model Carnival and the prize of the Car of the Year in Canada with the Cerato. At the end of 2006, are released the first units of the Ceed

Currently, Kia is the main sponsor of the Tennis Open australian and the sponsor of the Davis Cup. From the union of a group of automotive Hyundai-Kia, there has been a large increase in export revenues.