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Parts LADA


Is a trademark of Russian car belonging to the car manufacturer Russian AvtoVAZ, has been characterized by making cheap models and low-energy consumption, performance and designs limited. Currently marketed models according to the tradition of the firm, although they have much improved their designs.

In the old Russian language, Lada means boat, in representation of the ancient pirate ships that roamed the surrounding areas.

The manufacturing plant is situated in Toglyatti, in the region of the Central Volga; it is an industrial center and administrative, a complex chemical plant and construction of industrial machinery. The plant of manufacture Lada produce all the metal parts of the vehicle in their departments metallurgical and pressing.

Among the new models are those belonging to the 110 series; among these are the variants of the 2110 Sedan, 2111 Station Wagon, and 2112 Hatch Back. The last models produced are the Kalina 1118 and Lada Priora. The most popular model and prestigious Vaz is Lada 4x4 2121, known worldwide as Niva; this model has won competitions and has reached remote places like the Arctic.

they Have made a great volume of export to the Latin american countries, among the most important in the activity are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru and Venezuela.