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car Manufacturer that currently belongs to the indian group Tata Motors. The initial idea of its conception arose during 1947, the brothers Wilks, which by that time were managers of the factory English Rover. They wanted to produce an off road vehicle for the public to civil, for this adapted the chassis of a Willys Jeep and the petrol engine, gearbox and rear axle of the Rover. In the year 1948 was presented in the Hall of Amsterdam and the following year he started his manufacturing.

In 1967 the brand becomes part of Leyland, which later would be British Leyland. In 1970 occurs the model Range Rover.

In the course of 1981 the company becomes a supplier of the Camel Trophy and subsequently becomes a sponsor to supply the cars ready for this test. In this way the company achieved the prestige and the leading position in the market of off-road.

In 1986, British Leyland is renamed as Rover Group. The group is purchased by BMW in 1994, the year in which it introduces the second generation of Range Rover. The model of Land Rover Freelander is produced and released to the market in 1997.

The company was acquired by the Ford Group in 2000 and became part of the division's Premier Automitive Group.

we Currently have a strong competition because many brands develop off-road models very powerful and effective, they also tend to be utilitarian and semi sports. All ways Land Rover remains as one of the brands in the category. All their models are manufactured in Great Britain.

Land Rover has been a pioneer in the development of electronic aids in driving cross country.

Due to the crisis in the automotive sector, in 2008 Ford sold Land Rover and Jaguar to Tata Motors.