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japanese Manufacturer of cars whose main campus is located in Hiroshima. From 1929 the company Toyo Kogyo CO reconsiders a new production line aimed at the automotive sector, change the name for Ahura Mazda, which means, the name of the Persian god of light, wisdom, intelligence and harmony. The first vehicle produced was the Mazda GIVES in 1931, three-wheeled vehicle that has had a great success.

After years black people lived during the wars, at the end of 1945, he restarted the production of these commercial vehicles.

as of the decade of the years 60, Mazda started its commercial expansion, first in Europe and later in the united States. His first car four-wheel drive was the Mazda R360. Internationally, the 70's were the years of leadership in regards to performance.

During the 80's, Mazda enjoyed a period of excellent economic results. The fruit of their associations with Ford. Within the history of the company this is the decade more productive and innovative, producing the four-cylinder engines, 16-valve, double camshaft in head, new rotary motors more reliable and powerful. The first models such as the 323 or 626's were a resounding success.