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japanese Company founded on may 13, 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, in its beginnings was devoted to the shipping industry. He is currently one of the companies largest in Japan, formed by a consortium of companies is decentralized. The brand name is derived from the words “mitsu” which means three, and “hishi”, which means water chestnuts triangular. In the year 1873 the company is named as Mitsubishi Shokai.

At the end of the 1890s the company begins to diversify and in the process creates three entities; Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industrie, the latter encompasses the Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Atomic Industry and Mitsubishi Chemical.

After the Second World War, September 30, 1946, the us administrators decree the dissolution of the group. However, very slowly, occur approaches or groupings among the old companies. The companies of the Mitsubishi group are regarded as traditional businesses, producing goods and services of high range. Usually pay a lot of attention to your brand image and many of them work for the different authorities.

In the 2004 Mitsubishi produced more than 1 million cars, reducing their production with respect to the previous years. Placing the mark in the tenth to third place at the global level manufacturers. To strengthen their participation in the european market made agreements with Volkswagen and PSA, aimed primarily at acquiring diesel engines.

In 2007, Mitsubishi came back to dominate the Dakar Rally, achieving its seventh consecutive victory.