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German Company that manufactures sports cars of high range, founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Prosche and his son, Ferry Porsche. The first model of the current brand Porsche was presented by Ferry in June of 1948. The project nº356 would become the first porsche 356, the first in the history of the brand. The original model is a roadster two-seater with mid-engine and all-aluminium body, with motor Volkswagen modified to give 35CV to 4000 rpm. This model was subsequently modified for reasons of cost and practicality.

At the beginning of the 50 years was signed an agreement between Volkswagen and Porsche for the first supplied components to the second.

The new 356 German will be with the body of steel. In 1951, Porsche debuted officially in the competition, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the category of up to 1100cc.

In the year 1952 it created the emblem current Porsche. Three years later he shows up to the 356A, gradually the models produced are losing their heritage Volkswagen with engines becoming more powerful and higher displacement, the 356A 1956 developed 100CV and reached the 200 km/h.

The brand was accumulating successes in their models. In 1978, the 928 was awarded the title of car of the year in Europe, being the only grand tourism " to win this award.

After a long history of high and low, with several successes in competitions and great acceptance in the market. In 2002, Porsche opens its new factory in Leipzig, from where the new Cayenne, the first Porsche all-terrain. It was a resounding success

today Porsche is back under the tutelage of VW, this being the majority owner of the same.

The success of Porsche in the competition has been immense, adding to the more than 25,000 victories in all kinds of categories.