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Was a manufacturer of automobiles in the United Kingdom, whose headquarters was in Birmingham. In the year 1994, BMW is done with Rover. Until, in 2005, production ceased when the company Phoenix Holdings to be declared insolvent. In July of the same year, the chinese group Nanjing Automobile acquired the company, continued production in China.

The roots of the brand date back to a company founded in 1861 that manufactured sewing machines, was undergoing transformations to reach the production of bicycles, in 1884, named one of his designs "Rover". The first car Rover was the 8CV, 1904, with an engine of 1.3 liters and 1 cylinder. This model developed a maximum speed of 40 km/h

In 1921 saw the beginning of MG as we know it today. In 1923 they built the first Rover with the body MG, and in 1924 was built the first MG, a four-door sedan. Later in 1925 MG built his first racing car, the "Old Number One" for the Land's End Trial. It had a top speed of 130,56 km/h

In 1929 Rover began to use the famous logo of the viking ship, in addition to a head viking in the radiator.

Launched its first car with a turbocharger in 1961, "T4", of 140 HP of maximum power and top speed of 187 km/h. Two years later, a competition car won the G. P. of Le Mans touring 4140 km at an average speed of almost 173 kms Another car that broke molds was the Rover 2000. In 1963 he was a leader in safety and performance in addition to win the first edition of the Car of the Year in Europe and the prestigious gold medal of the Automovile Association.