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Parts SAAB


a Company of motoring and aviation of Swedish origin, founded in 1937. His name was an acronym of Svenska Aeroplan AB, and it was written as a SAAB, a name that was officially used since the 1990's. This company began to diversify in the late 40's, at which time was formed the automotive division. The first model produced by the company was the Saab 92001, that appeared on June 10, 1947. During 1969 the division of cars was merged with the truck manufacturer Scania-Vabis, and between 1969 and 1995 the company was called Saab-Scania AB.

In 1990, General Motors purchased a large part of the company, and a decade later bought it completely. It was subsequently sold to Dutch manufacturer Spyker.

In December 2011, Saab Automobile filed for bankruptcy. However, Saab Parts AB will continue to exist in the form of solvent to cover the market of spare parts and technical solutions.

Finally, in 2012, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, the group formed by the company china renewable energy National Modern Energy Holdings and the investment fund of the japanese Sun Investment, has been declared the purchaser of Saab, and will focus on the development of electric vehicles, using technologies japanese.

In December 2013, and after two years without the manufacture, and again begins production of its all-new saloon 9-3 with a only available engine gasoline.