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Parts SEAT


the Spanish Company, a subsidiary of the German Volkswagen, dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles. Founded on may 9, 1950 under the name of Spanish Society of Automobile Tourism. The headquarters is located in Barcelona.

The production starts in 1953 with the model, the Seat 1400, directly derived from the Fiat 1400. The second model of importance was the 600, is the car more iconic, its production began in 1957 and ended in 1973. In 1986, the model 124 is awarded as Car of the Year in Europe, its engine of 1197 cm cubic, its 60cv and its more than 140 km/h, with its wide bodywork, it became the first saloon family Spanish.

Now that Seat names its models with names of Spanish cities

The company made multiple alliances with companies of bodies that were engaged in preparations by transforming some models that have remained as limited editions or prototypes.

With time and the acceptance of their cars, the brand begins its expansion into new markets and strengthens its position in those where it was already operating under the control of Volkswagen. Currently available to organizations of sale and dealers in 70 countries, among which we can mention: Spain, Germany, France, Mexico or Venezuela.

as of 2009, all models get a new version called Ecomotive with what Seat you try to create more environmentally-friendly engines with the environment by reducing the level of CO2 emissions.

The company designs its own models of cars, even though following the general guidelines of the Volkswagen group. For the purposes of the strategy definition and positioning models Seat are part of the Volkswagen Group.